arch-magikPersonal Arch Linux install script and bootstrap ricing script Saumit Dinesan3 months
auto-captive-portal-loginA small python script which allows you to automatically login to a captive porta...Saumit Dinesan7 days
cnUnnamed repository; edit this file 'description' to name the repository. Saumit Dinesan
crustgrepcrustgrep - basic reimplementation of UNIX grep command in rust using clap Saumit Dinesan
dmenudmenu is a dynamic menu for X, acting as a great use for application launcher an...Saumit Dinesan
dmenu-oldSaumit's old fork of the suckless tool dmenu. A lot of previous commits were bad...Saumit Dinesan
dotfilesdotfiles for personal desktop Saumit Dinesan3 weeks
dotfiles-servdotfiles for remote-servers Saumit Dinesan4 months
dwmPersonal build of dwm - dynamic window manager Saumit Dinesan4 months
dwmblocksModular status bar for dwm written in c. Forked from u/torrinfail Saumit Dinesan4 months
ffvhsA python script which converts input video to a VHS-like visual using an overlay...Saumit Dinesan
stPersonal build of the simple terminal(st) provided by Saumit Dinesan6 months
st-oldAn old build of mine of the Simple Terminal (st). Saumit Dinesan7 months